Cambio o transferencia de titularidad de vehículos online

Con Simple English Advice podrás realizar el cambio de titularidad de un coche, moto o vehículo 100% online por €50.

Cambio o Transferencia de titularidad de vehículos online

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Ya puedes realizar el cambio de titularidad de los vehículos online sin cita previa en Tráfico, ni tener que esperar. Con el servicio de transferencia de titularidad de coche online de Simple English Advice, puedes realizar el cambio de titularidad de un coche, moto o vehículo 100% online, en cualquier momento.

Transferencia del vehículo en Tráfico – DGT

revisa toda la documentación

Pago de Tasas de transferencia e Impuestos

Por qué elegirnos

Con Simple English Advice realizas el proceso completo de la solicitud de cambio de titularidad del vehículo online de forma rápida y sin problemas.

Envíe un correo electrónico, junto con la documentación necesaria para poder transferir su vehículo y nosotros nos encargaremos de tramitar su solicitud de cambio de titularidad en la DGT. Dentro de las 24 horas del pago podrás circular con el documento que acredite que se ha realizado la transferencia.

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Documentos identificativos de los intervinientes

Ninguno de los documentos a aportar puede estar caducado.


  • NIF/DNI (cara frontal y trasera)


  • NIE & Pasaporte (cara frontal y trasera) o TIE
  • Si no tiene TIE – Contrato de empadronamiento o alquiler o escrituras de propiedad o factura de servicios del comprador 


  • CIF
  • NIF del gerente (cara frontal y trasera)
  • Escrituras de Constitución de la Empresa

Estos documents también deben ser proporcionados:

  • Ficha técnica
  • Permiso de circulación
  • Contrato firmado entre comprador y vendedor
  • Factura de venta del vehículo (En caso de que el vendedor sea empresa)
Alison Fanner
Alison Fanner
Used SEA for transfer of car ownership. Cannot recommend them enough. Fabulous service from Del. Completely hassle-free!
Eli Maly
Eli Maly
Profesional and fast service, highly recommended. Del helped me with ownership transfer for a van. Thanks Del 🙂
David Mills
David Mills
As a pensioner, I am obliged to watch the pennies. Finding S.E.A., I was able to reduce the cost of the documentation for a vehicle transfer of ownership. S.E.A. saved me a substantial sum, and I am grateful for this. The service could not have been better. Fast, efficient and effective in all aspects. Their customer service in probably the best I have encountered in my twenty two years in Spain. I look forward to using the service again should it become necessary and highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks man!
David Webb
David Webb
Ask them to notify DGT of change of ownership of a car I sold. Done within 2 hours. Very helpful and efficient company, would definitely use again.
Lisa Rankin
Lisa Rankin
I was selling my car, moving countries and Del made the process very easy, especially when it got complicated with road tax arrears I wasn’t aware of. Admin nightmare, made easy. Thanks a million for all your help.
Caroline O'Neill
Caroline O'Neill
First class service from Del. Everything was done with deft efficiency, a very rare thing these days. I cannot thank SEA enough!
Simon Witwicki
Simon Witwicki
I used SEA to register a car I had purchased in Spain. All done on line, apart from picking up the log book from the post office. All straight forward and good value. The last time I did it through a third party and cost my time and 300 euros!
Mark Costelloe
Mark Costelloe
Del made change of ownership of my car simple and easy. Would highly recommend using SEA if you are not confident to do it yourself. Only downside was the crazy tax on ownership change!
Incredible! I couldn't be more impressed with SEA. I was buying a Spanish reg car in the UK, and needed to get all the paperwork for the transfer done online. Once I'd cobbled together the info they needed, the actual transfer was done in a couple of hours. Anyone who's had to deal with DGT in person will know what a godsend this is!

Transferencia de titularidad de vehículos online

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