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Is Spain Changing the 90-Day Rule?

Is Spain Changing the 90-Day Rule? Since Brexit, many UK citizens who have residences in Spain have been unable to stay in Spain longer than 90 days in 180 days due to the Schengen Law. Recently, Spain has tried to scrap the 90-day limit for UK visitors. There has been

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Detailed Spanish car report online

How to Get a Spanish Vehicle Report from DGT

How to get a Spanish Vehicle Report from DGT A Spanish vehicle report or Spanish car history check ‘Informe de Vehículo’, is essential before buying a second-hand vehicle in Spain. Get a report for €15 Buying a second-hand car in Spain can be a stressful affair. Compared to other countries,

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buying a Spanish registered car in the UK

Buying a Spanish-registered Car in the UK

Buying a Spanish-registered Vehicle in the UK A lot of people have thanked us for our recent post advising how to dodge problems when buying a second hand car in Spain. However, we’ve had a few clients recently that have bought LHD Spanish-registered cars from the UK and have had

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How to Take an ITV Test in Spain

How to Take an ITV Test in Spain The ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) in Spain is known as an MOT in the UK. It checks your vehicles roadworthiness. Taking an ITV test in Spain can be quite a daunting experience for foreigners, especially if it’s your first time. We

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dodgy car dealers in Spain

Problems When Buying a Used Car in Spain

Problems When Buying a Used Car in Spain We have recently had many clients that have had trouble transferring car ownership. The Spanish car registration system is much more complicated than in many other countries. So… I thought I would write this post to highlight a couple of the key

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Driving Licence Exchange

2024 Changing UK driving licence to a Spanish one

Changing UK driving licence to a Spanish One 2024 UK Driving Licence Exchange in Malaga We can still exchange UK licences if your licence is dated before 16th March 2023 and your residency began after the date on your driving licence. DO NOT renew your UK licence if you are

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buying a used car Spain
Vehicle Ownership Transfer

How Much Does it Cost to Transfer Vehicle Ownership ?

Vehicle Ownership Transfer in Spain Explained Simply So, how much is it? The cost of a vehicle ownership transfer (transferencia o cambio de titularidad del vehículo) is €55.70* (mopeds €27.85) for registration, which you pay at the Jefatura de Tráfico Office. On top of this is the 4/8%  transfer tax

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Tax Increases

Car Registration Tax Increase in Spain

Car Registration Tax Increase in Spain As if 2021 wasn’t hard enough for Spanish residents, they have now had an increase in car registration tax. From January 1 2022 the price hike will add an average of €1000 per car. This is the result of the new WLTP ( World

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