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How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Car In Spain?

We can change ownership (transferencia o cambio de titularidad del vehículo) the same day (occasionally the next day). You will receive a provisional permiso de circulacion (log book) to prove car ownership change. After a week the new permiso de circulacion will arrive.

Can You Transfer Car Ownership Online?

Yes, with our online car ownership transfer service. We will complete all the forms, pay taxes and usually change name the same day. We will have your new permiso de circulacion (log book) back in a week.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Car Ownership In Spain?

Our online logbook transfer service (transferencia o cambio de titularidad del vehículo) costs €50 + transfer tax.
This includes, making the tax payment on your behalf and sorting the paperwork out in Tráfico.

Is it Worth Getting a Car Report Done Before Buying a Car?

It is highly advisable to get a car report (informe del vehiculo) done before purchasing a car. In Spain there are many issues that could prevent you from transferring the car into your name or cause problems after the sale. These include the car is de-registered (baja). The car isn’t registered to the seller. The car is financed and so can’t be transferred. The car has fines or embargoes. The IVTM (road tax) hasn’t been paid for the previous year.

These reasons make it crucial to get a report done before purchasing a used car in Spain. You are taking a huge gamble if you don’t. You can get a detailed report from the DGT website or use our Car Report Service for €15.

Can You Get A NIE/TIE?

Yes, depending on your circumstances our TIE service is €140 if you are in Spain or €200 if you are still in the UK. Please contact us so we can see if it’s possible for you.

Do You Have An ITV (MOT) Service In Malaga?

We can get appointments much quicker than the general public and take care of the whole procedure from pick up to drop off. If the ITV is overdue then we can provide special plates and insurance.
If there is a problem we know a number of local honest and reliable mechanics. The cost for the ITV service is €40. 

Can I Exchange A UK Driving License To A Spanish One?

At the moment it’s not possible. The Spanish government is still in talks with Britain to decide whether a UK driving license can be swapped for a Spanish one without having to do a Spanish practical driving test.  Until those talks are finalized you must apply for a Spanish licence as a non-EU national, which includes taking both a theory and practical driving test.

Can I Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain?

The new Digital Nomad Visa is mainly aimed at non-EEA nationals (including the British) and Spanish citizens who have not resided in Spain for at least 5 years. It is for remote workers who are employed by a non-Spanish company operating outside of Spain. You can find more information here.

Can You Import A Car Into Spain?

Yes in Malaga (and other areas sometimes). We do all the paperwork, ITV appointments, homologation, apply for IVTM road tax duty and work out the amount that will need to be paid in import taxes. If you would like more info on vehicle importation into Spain or changing your plates from Germany, Holland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and other EU countries to Spanish plates then contact us and we will be happy to help.

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