How to get a Spanish Vehicle Report from DGT

A Spanish vehicle report or Spanish car history check ‘Informe de Vehículo’, is essential before buying a second-hand vehicle in Spain.

Spanish Vehicle Report

Buying a second-hand car in Spain can be a stressful affair. Compared to other countries, the process is much more complicated. We have seen all kinds of problems that have prevented vehicles from being transferred into the name of the new owner. This is why we always recommend getting a Spanish Vehicle Report before buying a used vehicle for a private seller, car dealer or garage.

We will explain what one contains and how you can get one below. If you want us to do it, please use our Spanish Vehicle Report Service for €15.

Why get a Spanish vehicle report?

In Spain, a vehicle check is a comprehensive document which contains crucial information about a vehicle’s roadworthiness, history and legal status. The report is generated by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), Spain’s Traffic Authority (Trafico), and is accessible to anyone interested in learning more about a particular vehicle.

Contents of the vehicle report

  1. Technical Data: The report begins with technical details about the vehicle, such as its make, model, engine size, fuel type, and manufacturing year. This information helps confirm the vehicle’s identity and technical specifications.
  2. Registered Owner: The report states the registered owner of the vehicle. This is especially important when buying a vehicle from a car dealer, garage or second party.
  3. ITV History: The vehicle’s inspection history, also known as the Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (ITV), is an integral part of the report. It provides a record of past inspections, including the results and any issues that were detected.
  4. Accidents and Damage: The report may indicate whether the vehicle has been involved in any reported accidents or suffered significant damage in the past. This section helps potential buyers assess the vehicle’s safety and structural integrity.
  5. Outstanding Fines and Charges: Any pending fines or charges associated with the vehicle, such as unpaid traffic tickets or taxes, are listed in the report. It is essential for buyers to be aware of any outstanding financial obligations linked to the vehicle.
  6. Mileage Verification: In some cases, the vehicle report may include mileage information, which can help identify potential odometer tampering or verify the vehicle’s overall wear and tear.
Detailed Spanish car report online

Why is the Spanish vehicle check important?

  1. Transparency: The Spanish vehicle report promotes transparency and trust between buyers and sellers. It allows potential buyers to make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive information about the vehicle’s condition and history.
  2. Safety: Knowing a vehicle’s accident history and inspection results helps buyers assess its safety and potential risks. This information is vital for making responsible choices regarding vehicle purchases.
  3. Fraud Prevention: The vehicle report aids in preventing fraud and illegal activities related to vehicle sales. By disclosing a vehicle’s history and status, buyers can avoid falling victim to scams and unscrupulous sellers.
  4. Compliance and Peace of Mind: For current vehicle owners, obtaining a vehicle report periodically ensures compliance with legal requirements and offers peace of mind regarding their vehicle’s condition and history.

Types of vehicle reports

There are two types of report available, a standard report and a detailed report.

The reduced report, ‘informe reducido’ confirms the identification of the vehicle and shows if there is any incidents recorded. The reduced report can be applied for free at

The detailed report, ‘informe detallado’ includes more information as detailed above. This is the one we recommend if you are thinking about buying a used vehicle. The cost of this report is €8.67, you will need a Clave or Digital Certificate to be able to access this report. Alternatively, we can get one for you for €15. 

Transferring ownership of a vehicle

When you buy a second hand vehicle in Spain, it is your responsibility to change ownership. This can be a complicated procedure and is made more difficult (or impossible) if you don’t have the necessary documents.

One of the biggest problems we face when we do a car ownership transfer is unpaid IVTM road tax. If the previous years’ road tax isn’t paid the car cannot be transferred and a report will show if it has been paid. We have written an article detailing other problems when buying a Spanish vehicle here to help make the process smoother for you. 

In conclusion

A Spanish vehicle report serves as a valuable resource for buyers, sellers, and vehicle owners. It provides comprehensive information about a vehicle’s roadworthiness, history, and legal status. Whether purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller, Spanish car dealer or UK car dealership, we highly recommend getting a Spanish car history check done first. We have seen firsthand the problems many of our clients have experienced by not getting a report before buying a used car. 

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