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Cambio o Transferencia de titularidad de vehículos online

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We change ownership of vehicles online for you*, without an appointment in Trafico, and without having to wait.
With Simple English Advice you can transfer ownership of a car, motorcycle or other vehicle 100% online.
Why pay extortionate gestor charges when we do it much cheaper and faster?
*We can’t do it if the buyer lives in the community of Valencia, Melilla, Ceuta or the Canary Islands.

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Need to Transfer Car Ownership in Spain?

Follow our vehicle buying guide or use our pain-free online car ownership transfer service, to change car ownership (or other vehicles) anywhere in Spain.* We can do the car transfer for you the same day or next day (dependent on Trafico).

A provisional permiso de circulacion will be emailed to you so you are covered to insure and drive the car.
The new permiso de circulacion (log book) will be ready in about a week.

*We can’t do it if the buyer lives in the community of Valencia, Melilla, Ceuta or the Canary Islands.

Do it yourself

As with most bureaucratic affairs here, there are hoops to jump through. With laws constantly changing and advice on the net often wrong it can be a headache.

If you are buying a car or selling a car in Spain, you can employ a gestor to transfer your car ownership for you, but it usually works out very expensive.

There is a car ownership transfer guide below so you can change the name yourself.

If you are still not comfortable doing the Spanish car title change then email us at [email protected] for a hassle-free transfer for €60 (plus official fees).

How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership With Us

Buying a second-hand car in Spain is far from simple. Many have found out the hard way after attempting to do the vehicle title change themselves. Do you want to buy a used car but don’t want the stress?

If you would like us to change the name on a vehicle logbook for you then we need the following documents:

• Copy of the Permiso de Circulación (logbook – green paper)
• Copy of the Ficha Técnica (technical sheet)
• Copy of DNI/TIE  or NIE & passport of both seller and buyer
• Signed sales contract in Spanish (get one here)
• Proof of payment of 2023 IVTM/SUMA road tax

If the buyer doesn’t have DNI/TIE then proof of address is needed:
• Rental contract or property deeds/nota simple
• Or empadronamiento  (within 3 months)

Once you send us the Permiso de Circulación we can work out how much transfer tax you need to pay and start the process.
Once completed, we will email you a provisional permiso de circulación the same day or next working day which will enable the buyer to get insurance.
We will get the new permiso de circulación (log book) back in about week. (Occasionally there are slight delays due to Trafico).

Explainer Video

*Please note* Utility bills are no longer accepted by trafico as proof of address.

John Drew
John Drew
Great service, easy to communicate throughout the process and good value for money
Michael McLeod
Michael McLeod
Excellent service. Communication was super and cost of service very good.
Kate Roberts
Kate Roberts
Absolutely total hassle free, quick, efficient, highly recommended. Kate
Alison Fanner
Alison Fanner
Used SEA for transfer of car ownership. Cannot recommend them enough. Fabulous service from Del. Completely hassle-free!
Eli Maly
Eli Maly
Profesional and fast service, highly recommended. Del helped me with ownership transfer for a van. Thanks Del :)
David Mills
David Mills
As a pensioner, I am obliged to watch the pennies. Finding S.E.A., I was able to reduce the cost of the documentation for a vehicle transfer of ownership. S.E.A. saved me a substantial sum, and I am grateful for this. The service could not have been better. Fast, efficient and effective in all aspects. Their customer service in probably the best I have encountered in my twenty two years in Spain. I look forward to using the service again should it become necessary and highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks man!
David Webb
David Webb
Ask them to notify DGT of change of ownership of a car I sold. Done within 2 hours. Very helpful and efficient company, would definitely use again.
Lisa Rankin
Lisa Rankin
I was selling my car, moving countries and Del made the process very easy, especially when it got complicated with road tax arrears I wasn’t aware of. Admin nightmare, made easy. Thanks a million for all your help.
Caroline O'Neill
Caroline O'Neill
First class service from Del. Everything was done with deft efficiency, a very rare thing these days. I cannot thank SEA enough!

Car Ownership Transfer Guide

If you are buying or selling a car privately in Spain, you may be wondering what steps need to be taken in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. We have created a guide that will explain everything you need to know.

Here are the steps needed to do it:

  1. Firstly, it is important to meet with the seller and check the car thoroughly before agreeing verbally. We highly recommend having a car report done to ensure that the car is free from fines, embargoes, or financing. Our DGT complete vehicle report service is available for a fee of €15.
  2. Next, check the car documents. Make sure the seller has proof of payment of the previous years IVTM/SUMA (road tax) and the ITV/MOT (road worthiness test) is valid. 
  3. Make sure the seller’s ID matches up with the name on the permiso de circulacion (logbook) to avoid any complications. It is becoming more common for people not to transfer ownership of their vehicle and so the logbook is still in the previous owner’s name. This will prevent you from transferring the vehicle into your name. Take copies of the seller’s/buyer’s ID. 
  4. A sales contract needs to be completed in Spanish and signed by both parties. Buyer and seller keep a copy. It’s important to put the exact time on the contract as well as the date to save any fines or charges that can occur immediately after the sale.
  5. Pay for the vehicle.
  6. Book an appointment at Trafico or send copies to your gestor or us to register the vehicle in your name.
  7. Get insurance. Most insurance companies won’t insure a new vehicle without proof that the transfer is underway.
    If you use our service we will email you a provisional document that you can use to get insurance.
  8. When you get the new permiso de circulacion send a copy to the seller to prove the car is in your name. You have 15 days to do this.

That’s it. Simple!

One Day Transfer

Transfer car ownership in Spain via email or WhatsApp

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The Seller

The easy part! The seller needs to provide the following paperwork:-

  • Current ITV (MOT) certificate.
  • Permiso de Circulación (Logbook).
  • Ficha Tecnica (Specification sheet).
  • ID – DNI/TIE or passport & NIE
  • Proof of payment of last years IVTM road tax (Impuesto de Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica). Can be the original document or a receipt from the bank showing payment.

Make sure to inform your insurance company that the car is sold.

Keep the original purchase and sale contract and a copy of the buyer’s ID documents (Passport and NIE or DNI/TIE).

Request that the buyer provides a copy of the new logbook (Permiso de Circulación) within 15 days of the sale, if not you can notify the Jefatura de Tráfico office yourself using the form Trámite de Notificación de Venta. (We also offer this service).

car ownership transfer Spain
Buying and selling a car Spain

The Buyer

Before you buy a second-hand car, it is highly recommended to get a vehicle report (informe vehiculo) from DGT. This report will tell you if there are any problems with the vehicle, if it has a current ITV, or if it has outstanding embargoes (debts), fines etc.  Many of our clients have had trouble transferring cars, or not even being able to do it at all due to embargoes, finance etc.
Our DGT Vehicle Report Service is €15.

Once you have the completed two copies of the sales contract, paid and are in possession of the car, you have 15 days to supply the seller with a copy of the new logbook (Permiso de Circulación), proving that ownership has been transferred.

Make sure to get copies of the seller’s ID (both sides of TIE/DNI cards) and that it’s valid and in date.

Buyer’s responsibility

It is the buyer’s responsibility to do the Spanish car title change. Here’s how.

Firstly you need to book an appointment at the Jefatura de Tráfico office (Traffic department). Do this first as it can often take a few weeks to get an appointment. (We don’t need an appointment.)

Before going to the Trafico office, you need to book an appointment at your local tax office (hacienda) to pay the transfer tax fee. (I’ve found that the one in Malaga near El Cortes Ingles is the best.) *This can now be done online.  This is 4-8% of the official/fiscal value of the vehicle and depends on the type and size of the engine. (Don’t do this step if you are using our service.)

They will give you a form that indicates how much tax needs to be paid which can be taken to your bank and paid. (The cashiers that used to be in the Hacienda are no longer there.)

*NOTE* Many sites specify that you need to complete a Modelo 620/621 form, however you don’t need to do this anymore as they will do it on the computer for you.

At the Trafico Office

Here’s the paperwork needed for your visit to the Trafico office (traffic department) appointment:-

  • Proof of transfer fee payment (from Hacienda).
  • Completed vehicle change of ownership application form – Solicitud Cambio de Titularidad del Vehículo (Download here).
  • Completed sales contract in Spanish, signed by both parties.
  • Original Log Book (Permiso de Circulación) and ITV/MOT (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) if the vehicle is over 4 years of age.
  • Proof of payment of previous years IVTM road tax (Impuesto de Vehículos de Tracción Mecánica) Can be the original document or a receipt from the bank showing payment.
  • Photocopy of buyer’s and seller’s ID (Passport and NIE or DNI/TIE) and buyer’s certificado de empadronamiento,  rental contract or house deeds.

Once you provide these and they verify them, you (the buyer) will have to pay a fee of €55.70, mopeds €27.85 (as of January 2024.)

* NOTE* If you are selling your car, always keep the original of the purchase and sale contract (in case of a private sale) and a copy of buyer’s ID documents.

Transfer car ownership at trafico office
selling a car in Spain

Change Ownership of a Car Online

How much does it cost to change the registered name of a vehicle in Spain?

The cost varies depending on what type of vehicle you have.
Firstly, there is the vehicle transfer tax fee. This is calculated as 4-8% (depends on the region) of the official/fiscal value of the vehicle and depends on the type and size of the engine.

Secondly, there is the Trafico fee of €55.70, €27.85 for mopeds (as of Jan 1st 2024).
Lastly, the gestor fee for making the Spanish car title change.
Simple English Advice charge €60 to transfer vehicle ownership in Spain.

If you bought a car through a dealership, the car dealers normally change the name for you and you will receive the documents in your name when you receive the car. Make sure you get proof of this as a friend of mine (and many more) got ripped off by Top Gear Cars in Fuengirola (now shut down). They didn’t change ownership of her car (among other things) and so when she came to sell it, she found out it’s not legally hers! This is becoming an increasingly common practice in Spain.

Buying a used car is increasing in Spain due to the recent increase in car registration tax. If it’s a private sale it is advisable to hire a professional to make sure the car ownership transfer process is done speedily and correctly as well as saving on headaches and queuing times in the Trafico department.

*Guide updated March 2024

Vehicle Ownership Transfer FAQ

To transfer car ownership in Spain, the cost typically includes a Trafico fee of €55.70 (€27.85 for mopeds) and a transfer tax of 4-8% of the official/fiscal value of the vehicle, depending on the region and the type and size of the engine. In addition to these fees, there may be a gestor fee if you use the services of a professional.

The process can also be done online by us for a fee of €60, plus the official fees and taxes. It’s important to note that the transfer tax has nothing to do with the sale price of the vehicle. The exact cost may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the region in Spain where the transfer takes place.

To transfer vehicle ownership in Spain, the following paperwork is typically required:

  1. Proof of identity for both parties
  2. Proof of address for the buyer
  3. Vehicle documentation, including the Permiso de Circulación (Logbook) and Ficha Técnica (Specification sheet)
  4. Proof of previous years road tax paid

Hiring a Gestor to transfer car ownership in Spain can have several benefits, including:

  1. Convenience: The Gestor can handle all the paperwork and processes on your behalf, saving you time and effort.
  2. Expertise: Gestors are familiar with the local bureaucracy and requirements, which can help ensure a smooth transfer process.
  3. Language: If you are not fluent in Spanish, a Gestor can assist with the language barrier and ensure that you understand the process and documentation.
  4. Temporary Ownership Document: The Gestor can provide a temporary ownership document to carry until the new one is obtained from Trafico, providing peace of mind during the transition period.

However, it’s important to note that using a Gestor’s services can be expensive. The process can be done independently, especially if you are familiar with the local requirements, procedures and speak Spanish fairly well.

The buyer has 15 days to send the seller a copy of the permiso de circulacion to prove the transfer is complete.

The ITP (Impuesto de transmisiones patrimoniales) tax is between 4-8% of the fiscal value of the vehicle. It is paid using the Modelo 621 form. 

Yes you can, but be aware there are usually problems when it comes to the transfer process. Car dealers can’t legally sell a Spanish-registered car in the UK and so act as ‘middle-men’. For more information read our article about buying a Spanish-registered car in the UK.

importing a car Malaga

Other Services

Simple English Advice can also take care of car importation/registration (vehicle matriculation) in Malaga from Germany, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and other EU countries.

Also UK to Spanish driving licence exchange and similar procedures that expats have to deal with during their life on the Costa del Sol. With over 25 years of dealing with Andalusian bureaucracy, our bilingual team can take the stress and headache out of vehicle transfers and more for you at a much cheaper price than a gestor.

We can transfer car ownership (transferencia o cambio de titularidad del vehículo) anywhere in mainland Spain* due to our online logbook transfer service. We can transfer a vehicle in areas such as Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Ibiza, San Sebastian, Galicia, Granada, Bilbao, Benidorm, Cadiz, Almeria, Costa del Sol and many more. 

*We can’t do it if the buyer lives in autonomous community of Valencia, Melilla, Ceuta or the Canary Islands.

Contact us today if you want to change your car ownership online in Spain.

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    Regards, Steve

  4. A friend of mine wife has passed away and the family car is on her name only
    Can he transfer the log book ownership into his own name ?

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Documents Needed to Transfer a Vehicle

*We cannot do this if the buyer lives in the Canary Islands, Valencia, Melilla or Ceuta.

We need good, clear copies (scans preferably) of the following documents to transfer ownership:


– DNI or TIE residency plastic card (both sides)

– If the seller doesn’t have TIE or DNI, then passport and NIE are needed.

– Green paper (permiso de circulaccion) and ficha tecnica (technical document) of the vehicle.

– Proof of payment of previous years IVTM (Road tax)


– DNI or TIE residency plastic card (both sides)

– If the buyer doesn’t have TIE or DNI, then passport and NIE document / small green residency card are needed, as well as proof of address, this includes:

  • Empadronamiento (updated)
  • or property deeds (nota simple)
  • or rental contract.

    *Utility bills are no longer accepted.

– Sales contract between you both (In Spanish).

Download one from here

Costs are:

Trafico – €55.70

Online representative fee – €6.05

Our fee – €60 

Transfer taxes (Modelo 621) – we can calculate them when we receive the permiso de circulacion.

+ €8.92 for postage, to be paid separately, if you can’t pick it up from our office in Torremolinos. (You pay the postman/woman on delivery.)

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