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Simple English Advice offers support to expats living in or moving to Malaga, Costa del Sol or Spain.
Whether it’s car ownership transfers, UK driving licence exchange, imports/matriculations, ITV, visas or other paperwork,
we can help take the stress out of it. Contact us today for support in Spain.


Fed up with Spanish bureaucracy?
You’ve found the right place.

After helping friends & family navigate Spanish bureaucracy for years, SEA was born.

Our mission is, ‘simple, straight-forward advice & support at the lowest cost.’

Client-focused, down to earth and approachable, contact us today if you need help with frustrating Spanish admin.

Our Services

Honest & transparent support/advice in Malaga & Spain.

Buying and selling a car Spain

Vehicle Owner Transfers

Transfer car ownership online in Spain – No trips to trafico or hacienda. All done remotely via email for €60. Just send us the documents and we will transfer vehicle ownership the next day (same day sometimes). Simple!

Other Vehicles

Spanish car registrations/importations. Vehicle bajas (de-registrations). ITV service (free pick up & drop off). Vehicle reports, UK to Spanish driving licence exchange and much more.

selling a car in Spain
paperwork help in Malaga


Help with paperwork such as: NIE/TIE, residency, digital nomad visa in Spain, social security, padron, translations & apostilles, paro, autonomo and other Spanish bureaucratic nightmares.


Property help – renting/buying, property lawyer services (low commission), tourist licences, dealing with landlords, translations and more.

housing help Spain
cheaper electricity supplier comparison Spain

Electricity Comparison

Recent soaring electricity prices in Spain are causing many to look for a cheaper electricity supplier.
We offer an electricity comparison service to find you a cheaper electricity supplier for only €20.

Who We Are

Helping ex-pats in and around Malaga for over 15 years.

Simple English Advice was started by Delroy & Christina, a married couple who are both British expats and understand the frustration of dealing with Spanish bureaucracy and even more so in Andalucia. Our intention was to help people in a similar boat to ourselves navigate their way through the ordeal of settling in Costa del Sol. We recently won the SME News Award for Best Expat Relocation Support Service 2023.

We have been living in Costa del Sol for 25 years and for the past 15 years have helped many people through stressful tasks such as NIE/TIE/Residency, social security matters, car driving licence exchanges, car ownership transfers and importing vehicles into Malaga. 

Being bilingual means we can help you with most situations you will face in Malaga, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Marbella, Estepona, Mijas or surrounding areas, even if you’ve been here for years.

951 74 51 68

+34 951 74 51 68

dave meek
dave meek
Brilliant service transferred car from family member into my name and address,pain free and so quick thanks Del would highly recommend this service
Del is all you need for anything administrative wise in Spain. Fast, efficient, helpful and extremely well priced. Our new car check and transfer was all sorted same day. It was the most stress free experience we have had in 20 years of living in Spain. We are fluent Spanish so language no problem for us but Del seems to have the magic touch when it comes to the authorities and paperwork. Thank you so much Del. You are a superstar.
Guy Geeraedts
Guy Geeraedts
Thanks again for all your help! Transferring my car seemed easy, but wasn't ;) With all your help all was perfectly smooth. We will meet again in the future.
Tracey Hanby
Tracey Hanby
Used SCA to transfer a car over del was very efficient transferred within a day. Fantastic job thanks
John Drew
John Drew
Great service, easy to communicate throughout the process and good value for money
Michael McLeod
Michael McLeod
Excellent service. Communication was super and cost of service very good.
Kate Roberts
Kate Roberts
Absolutely total hassle free, quick, efficient, highly recommended. Kate
Alison Fanner
Alison Fanner
Used SEA for transfer of car ownership. Cannot recommend them enough. Fabulous service from Del. Completely hassle-free!
Eli Maly
Eli Maly
Profesional and fast service, highly recommended. Del helped me with ownership transfer for a van. Thanks Del :)
David Mills
David Mills
As a pensioner, I am obliged to watch the pennies. Finding S.E.A., I was able to reduce the cost of the documentation for a vehicle transfer of ownership. S.E.A. saved me a substantial sum, and I am grateful for this. The service could not have been better. Fast, efficient and effective in all aspects. Their customer service in probably the best I have encountered in my twenty two years in Spain. I look forward to using the service again should it become necessary and highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks man!

Why Choose SE Advice?

Bureaucracy in Spain can be a nightmare with laws and regulations changing constantly. We take the stress out of those procedures for you in a simple, efficient way.

No Frills,
We Just Get
Things Done!


As an expat married couple, we are down to earth & approachable as we know what it's like to struggle with the bureaucracy in Andalucía.


We pride ourselves on being honest & trustworthy and only working with other people and agencies who have earned our trust over the years.


We always strive to satisfy our clients needs, by offering the best possible help at the lowest cost, going out of our way to achieve this.

Spanish Red Tape

Navigating the Spanish bureaucratic system can prove to be an extremely trying task, often causing much distress and anxiety. With so many procedures and regulations to adhere to, such as changing car ownership, banking and social security, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of red tape.
However, there is a solution for those who are feeling frustrated and lost. Our expert team is dedicated to providing helpful assistance every step of the way in dealing with these everyday processes, in order to take away as much of the stress as possible.

It’s not uncommon to find conflicting information when trying to research specific inquiries, for example: “How much does it cost to transfer ownership of a vehicle?“, “How to import a car into Malaga?” or, ‘Is it possible for UK citizens to get residency in Spain now?’ It can be immensely frustrating as even different departments or representatives within the same department can offer conflicting information. We’re here to ensure that you receive the most accurate and reliable knowledge for your specific situation.

This short video sums up Spanish red tape.

Kinda funny, but sadly true. Even Spanish people are frustrated by Spanish red tape. With over 25 years of experience dealing with Spanish bureacracy, Simple English Advice can help you to get things done quicker and easier. Don’t just take our word for it – read our reviews on Google.

Car Owner Transfer

Need to transfer vehicle ownership of a vehicle (transferencia o cambio de titularidad del vehículo) you are buying or selling?
Simple English Advice can change the name for you online via email – all for €60. (Plus official fees).

No stressful trips to El Tráfico. No wading through Spanish bureacracy. We can change ownership the same day.

Just send us an email to get started with an online log book transfer and receive your new Permiso de Circulación (log book) in a week. Simple! 

Alternatively, if you want to know the necessary paperwork for selling or buying a car in Spain or a Spanish car title change, then follow our Spain car buying and selling guide.

Permiso de circulacion car owner transfer
"Del helped us transfer the car ownership for a second hand car we bought in Barcelona. Reliable, responsive, quick and efficient - we can definitely recommend Simple English Advice!! Thanks again! Ruth."
Ruth Wachsmuth
remote worker in Spain

Digital Nomad Visa

Digital nomad visas in Spain are now finally available. You can apply for them from your home country or get a fast-track application by applying in Spain. 

The Spanish remote worker visa is an excellent choice for non-EU nationals who want to live and work in Spain for up to five years. 

It is possible to include your spouse and children in the digital nomad visa application, allowing you to move to Spain with your whole family.

Another benefit is you can use this residency card to move freely throughout the EU. There are certain requirements that must be met which you can read about in our guide


border control Spain

Is Spain Changing the 90-Day Rule?

Is Spain Changing the 90-Day Rule? Since Brexit, many UK citizens who have residences in Spain have been unable to stay in Spain longer than 90 days in 180 days due to the Schengen Law. Recently, Spain has tried to scrap the 90-day limit for UK visitors. There has been a lot of speculation about

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Detailed Spanish car report online

How to Get a Spanish Vehicle Report from DGT

How to get a Spanish Vehicle Report from DGT A Spanish vehicle report or Spanish car history check ‘Informe de Vehículo’, is essential before buying a second-hand vehicle in Spain. Get a report for €15 Buying a second-hand car in Spain can be a stressful affair. Compared to other countries, the process is much more

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buying a Spanish registered car in the UK

Buying a Spanish-registered Car in the UK

Buying a Spanish-registered Vehicle in the UK A lot of people have thanked us for our recent post advising how to dodge problems when buying a second hand car in Spain. However, we’ve had a few clients recently that have bought LHD Spanish-registered cars from the UK and have had problems transferring ownership. This article

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How to Take an ITV Test in Spain

How to Take an ITV Test in Spain The ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) in Spain is known as an MOT in the UK. It checks your vehicles roadworthiness. Taking an ITV test in Spain can be quite a daunting experience for foreigners, especially if it’s your first time. We have made a guide below

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dodgy car dealers in Spain

Problems When Buying a Used Car in Spain

Problems When Buying a Used Car in Spain We have recently had many clients that have had trouble transferring car ownership. The Spanish car registration system is much more complicated than in many other countries. So… I thought I would write this post to highlight a couple of the key problems people face when they

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Driving Licence Exchange

2024 Changing UK driving licence to a Spanish one

Changing UK driving licence to a Spanish One 2024 UK Driving Licence Exchange in Malaga Without an Appointment   We can do the exchange without an appointment at DGT. UK licences can still be exchanged if your licence is dated before 16th March 2023 and your residency began after the date on your driving licence.

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