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A Guide to Getting Your Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

Spain finally approved the Digital Nomad Visa on December 23rd 2022. This was great news for the many travellers who come to Spain and find it difficult to find work. Here is a summary of the requirements and benefits of the new Digital Nomad Visa (visa para teletrabajadores de carácter internacional).
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*Updated May 2023

What is the Visa para Teletrabajadores de Carácter Internacional?

This new visa commonly known as the Digital Nomad Visa is aimed at non-residents who are remote workers and are employed by a non-Spanish company operating outside of Spain. It grants temporary residency rights to the employed as long as they can meet Spain’s minimum monthly income requirement. 

Who can apply for the DNV in Spain?

This new visa is mainly aimed at non-EEA nationals (including the British) and Spanish citizens who have not resided in Spain for at least 5 years.
Self-employed people can dedicate 20% of their business activities to a Spanish-registered company. 

Spanish Digital Nomad Visa requirements?

Employed Person

  1. The company you work for must be outside Spain.
  2. The income you receive in Spain or from Spanish companies cannot represent more than 20% in total.
  3. Demonstrate proof that you have been working for your company for the last 3 months at least.
  4. Provide an employment contract of at least 1 year.
  5. Must not have held Spanish residency status in the five years before their application. 
  6. Prove either 3 years of experience related to your work or be a graduate or postgraduate from a prestigious university, vocational training or business school of recognised prestige.
  7. The company must state in writing that teleworking for your job is allowed and authorise you to do so. The company must be in operation for at least one year before your application.
  8. Show proof of accommodation to house their stay in Spain.
remote worker in Spain

Documents needed:

  1. Criminal record certificate (valid for at least 90 days) legalised and apostilled.
  2. Take out private medical insurance with full coverage throughout Spain.
  3. Sufficient funds: Bank statements – Minimum 200% of the SMI. This is about 26,000 euros per year at the moment*. If it is in a foreign bank, it is necessary to provide a simple translation. Copy of work contract, wage slips etc.
  4. Family units of two people, including the visa holder, must have an additional 75 per cent of the country’s monthly minimum wage (€825/month); 25 per cent (€275) is added for each family member after that.
  5. Complete passport.
    * This is the amount for an International Teleworker Visa on the UGE website. (Page now dead!)

Ways to apply:

  • Directly from Spain with a tourist visa, getting the 3-year card directly.
  • From your country of origin at the consulate. In this case, the visa is for 1 year and then in Spain, you would apply for the change to 3 years.

Self-employed Person

If you are self-employed, the documentation and the way to apply for it are the same. Several of your clients are spread all over the world or have sources of income derived from online activities but spread outside of Spain.

In addition, to apply if you are self-employed, you need to be working for at least one company (outside Spain).

Is it best to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain or your own country?

working remotely in Spain on a digital nomad visa

It is easier and cheaper to apply for the DNV if you are already in Spain and you will get a three-year permit. This can be renewed for a further two years.

You also get a fast-track application if you apply while in Spain. This means you should get a response in 20 days. (We have been experiencing delays for recent applications. Probably due to the number of applications they have received with it being new.)

However, it is possible to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa at the Spanish consulate in your home country. This will only last for a year with the possibility of extending it for a further 2 years. 

You can use the 90-day Schengen visa to go to Spain and apply for the Digital Nomad Visa while you are there. 

The remote worker visa must be applied for within 30 days of arrival in Spain. However, you can apply for the DNV if you are already in Spain under a different visa and meet all the requirements. 

Tax benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa

Taxation will be done through an improved non-resident income tax regime. This is a flat rate of 24% of your income, up to 600,000 euros. Higher than 600,000 euros will incur a tax of 47%. You can also apply for a deduction for international double taxation. 

To be considered as a non-resident for tax purposes, you will have to start a separate and different application process than the one you complete for the residency process. This will be done with the Spanish Tax Agency during the 6 months after you obtain your residency authorization. 

One of the main benefits is you won’t need to pay wealth tax or make a modelo 720 declaration. The 720 is a yearly declaration of your assets or rights abroad. 

Nomad Digital Visa Application

Spanish Digital Nomad Visa applications have started. We can help you get it, if you are in Spain, for as little as €450.

What we do
  • Necessary documentation advice
  • Form completion
  • We will pay the required fees
  • Application form submission
  • We will inform you of the decision and appeal on your behalf if needed.

Please contact us to start your digital nomad visa application.
We are operating a first come first served policy due to demand. 

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